13. On Mookie [365 project]

It’s just that…I think Mookie had it right. And maybe that’s why Lee named the movie what he did. Mookie knew what the problem was all along. Mookie knew that he wasn’t anything more than a pawn at a shit job, a half decent lover in a relationship that was bound to fail, a tentatively supportive father and a black man whose politics was written on his Nikes. How could we have expected Mookie to act any differently? That trash can was all he had. Words were never enough. English and Ebonics weren’t credible. Possession was. And as he lifted that tin can over his head, as he stomped down the scalding pavement in the outfit to be lauded by the nightmarish incarnation of the Hipster, he knew that the only way he could awake the man who lay in submissive dormancy was to break the shit out of something. Just to know he had the power to break something too.


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